A Comprehensive Guide to Physical Security in Small Businesses

Physical security includes the protection of small businesses using various modern tools. Around 30 percent of businesses experience physical security threats. Comprehensive security tools like a biometric door access system and security cameras are included for physical security protection. This blog will discuss physical security and its aspects in small business. 

What Is Physical Security? 

Physical security aims to protect property, physical assets, and employees within the business. It works to protect actions and events that can cause damage or loss to business. The systems include the Logical biometric door access system. Popular measures include access control, surveillance cameras, etc. Common mechanisms allow CCTV cameras, access control, power supplies for locks, etc. 

Security Threats

It is essential to learn about the common security threats. These threats are the reason why physical security measures are implemented within the system. Common security threats include the following: 

  • Theft and burglary
  • Unauthorized persons 
  • Terrorism act 
  • Vandalism 
  • Sabotage or corporate espionage

Basic Physical Security Measures For Protecting Small Businesses 

Small businesses utilize security measures to restrict unauthorized entry. Here is a list of security measures that are perfect for protecting the business: These measures include a comprehensive system that can protect businesses on all fronts. 

Cloud Access Control 

A cloud-based access control system is needed for businesses. It will enable admins to control it from anywhere. For example, a biometric door access system will require finger print matching in order to gain entry into the system. It combines access control with finger print authorization and improves security tenfold. This type of access control can protect premises from unauthorized access. 

Visitor Management 

Visitor management is an effective security practice. It is focused on controlling the movement of visitors within the premises. A modern visitor management system can monitor guest movement within the premises. While integrating with the security system, visitor management software makes it easy to track and register guests without any physical contact. It will provide real-time access notifications. 

Video surveillance

Video surveillance includes the installation of CCTV cameras. Cameras will be placed within the building, parking lot, and blind spots, which can be easy prey for the camera. The camera will monitor the area 24×7 and collect video footage. In cases of security breaches, the video footage can be used as evidence, which can help law enforcement take its course. Hence, it is one of the most popular physical security measures. 


Physical security today contains advanced features like biometric door access systems. Physical security is a matter of concern for small businesses. Small businesses can use various security measures like access control, video surveillance, and visitor management to protect their businesses. Hence, these approaches will help to fortify the businesses and protect them on a daily basis.


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